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Our Current Promoted Design
For Primary & Nursery Schools

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Main Features

Our latest website style has easy to access information on an elegantly laid out single scroll page. This page is divided into sections that will either show you the information you’re looking for or provide links to side pages where there is extra information. The style provides lots of opportunities for schools to show off images of school life, and so stamp mark your school’s identity on the website. This style is proving very poplar with schools at the moment, with staff and pupils delighted with their new websites.


Exta Features

If you want to add in other services, such as calling us into school to take photographs or wish to have a multi-language drop down menu or to have us create panoramic images of your school resources areas (classrooms, hall, library, reading corners, playground etc.) then that’s fine too. The extra prices are shown further down the page along with our hosting and support annual service options.

a website that is
fully compliant

Fully Ofsted Compliant

You’ll have confidence that when Ofsted come calling you won’t be needing to think about the website. Our sites are very easy to keep up-to-date and, if you did need to suddenly update a file at 10.30pm one evening because Ofsted came unexpectedly knocking on your door, you can do this yourself and it will only take a few seconds of your time!

Fully Multi-Device Compliant

No matter which device someone picks up, you can be confident that the website will display properly. It will change its shape, according to the type of device viewing it, so that it is easy to read and access.
a website that is

Fully Inter-connected

Do you use Twitter or other social media business pages to connect with your parents? Let your website do the talking for you. Any new posts you put into the website will be automatically forwarded to your Twitter feed or other social media account of your choice. This means that the information you add to your website can be actively followed via social media on any device that your parents use, phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Email Service

There is a free email service that your parents can sign up to. This means that the information you add to your website can be followed via email on any device that your parents use, phone, tablet, PC or Mac that allows them to view their email account.
a website that is
Easy to maintain

Easy To Add To

You’ll find that new materials can be added so quickly and easily. It only takes seconds to add a new post to your website, less than a minute to attach a newsletter or dinner menu etc.

Easy To Update

Need to alter a message, update a staff list or update your policy document? Quickly find the post with the information in it, make the changes, click ‘update’ and you’re done!
The Setup Process
a website
in a week

A www address

It is quicker for us if we setup a brand new www address for your site – however we can go through the process of having your old address passed over to us if you wish to keep it.

We setup the new site in a template format

Once the www address is in place it won’t take us long to have the new site in place.

Sending for information

We send a series of emails (just over 20 of them) asking for specific information, such as newsletters, dinner menus etc. Once you have replied we will have all of the data we need to populate your website.

Website Photo Images

We either come in to school for a morning visit to take photos or you can send images over to us yourselves – the latter is free. We use these to stamp the website with your identity.

Multi-Platform Connections

We attach the website to any other social media platforms of your choice – this is normally Twitter but some schools also have a Facebook business page. Each time a new post is added by you to the new website it will automatically get pushed out into your social media platform so that the post will appear on your parent’s mobile phones, tablet devices etc. This will enable you to stay in touch with your parents more effectively.

Training Manuals and Videos

You download our training manuals from our website and use them and the videos to update and maintain your site. We’re always just an email away to help and support you.
Our Training Resources
Step by step manuals and videos
Let us show you just how easy it is to update your website, whether that’s adding a text message, a file attachment, a poster, a video or an interactive online gallery. These are typically for such things as adding newsletters, notices of events, term dates, dinner menus, parental consultation evenings, curriculum documents, pupil and sport premiums and more.
All that you need to know…
Take a quick look…
You can access our online training materials for yourself by filling in the online form below and we’ll send you a link and password to our trainng page. Please use a school email address to make this request so that we can protect and control access to the materials we create.

Request Training Materials Access

We provide both manuals and videos.
Hosting Costs
Setup Costs

We have one
single hosting cost.

Hosting of £180

Our hosting is charged once a year at the start of April and is just £180.
This money goes towards a secure server with a dedicated software and hardware team who will ensure that your website environment will run at its optimum. It also covers the annual costs of renewing your www website address.

Setting Up The Website - £1,100

This is all it costs for us to setup a brand new site for you.

Optional School Morning Visit - £150

If you’re not confident that you can take good photographs then we will come into your school to take them for you.

Optional Translation Menu - £50

We have the ability to add a drop down menu into the website footer. This menu will change the website text into any of 90 languages or those of your choice.

Panoramic Images - £100

We have the ability to take multiple photos of your resource areas and then to stitch them together to form excellent panoramic images. These images are then put into a slide show for your website viewers to see to get a glimpse of your school’s teaching and learning spaces.

Annual Support Costs
Different Levels of Support
We try and encourage all of our schools to become self-sufficient. You never know when Ofsted will come knocking on your door and when you need to add a document at 10:30pm at night… well it’s an easy thing to do if you know how to do it yourself. So we encourage you to learn at least some skills of self-updating. As you will have seen from our training videos and manuals section above, we provide comprehensive materials that cover all aspects of school life information updating. Below is an outline of our support options. Choose which one you wish to have that will match your needs.
Self-Help and Bronze support are currently the most popular support packages.

Quick Calls

For those schools who have used our online training materials and update their own websites but want to call or email every now and then to get advice.
£20 Per Year

Up to 1 Hour Per Month

We can do a lot for you in one hour and this time will normally cover all of the website updating needs of most schools.
£180 Per Year

Up to 2 Hours Per Month

For busy schools who want a lot adding to their websites.
£300 Per Year

Up to 3 Hours Per Month

This would be a temporary setup for a school that wanted a lot doing on their website but at the same time, for a variety of reasons, could not provide a member of staff to learn any updating skills to help support themselves.
£400 Per Year

The support costs above will need adding to the £180 hosting cost to give you your annual bill for having a website with us.
So a school that is on self-help will have a combined annual hosting and support bill of £200.

Some Q&A About Our Company & Our Services
About Us
How long has your company been operating?
We have been operating since June 2006 when we first started creating virtual learning environments for secondary schools.
When did you first begin to provide websites for schools?
Our first school website was created in November 2007.
Do you have any specialist knowledge?
Yes, fully qualified and experinced school teachers work on our staff (BEd Hons 2:1) so we know the school environment very well.

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