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Our Tailored Design Style Discount

For the rest of this Summer Term 2016 we are offering a discount for all new schools who want our Tailored design. The normal setup price for this is £1800 but we’re offering a £400 discount. On top of that we’re offering a half price school visit where we take photos for either a half or full day, bringing the price down to either £75 for a morning or £150 for both morning and afternoon. Our Hosting and Support costs remain the same at £30 per month. See an example of our Tailored design by visiting Selby Abbey Primary School’s website.

selby abbey 2016

Welcome to Easy Web Computing’s Website

A warm welcome to Easy Web Computing’s website. Please have a good look around to see if our web services can be of benefit to you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Director’s Welcome

“Hi and welcome to the online home of Easy Web Computing Ltd. At EasyWeb we’re so proud of the success that the businesses we support have on the web. It’s so great to see satisfied customers who have learnt that their websites are useful tools for achievement rather than technology that is just a ‘requirement of business life’ as so many people still seem to think. We’ve been around for many years and have supplied great websites to a variety of clients. Find out what we can do for you. Browse through the list of options below to see what’s on offer. If you have any further questions don’t forget you can email us, phone us or use the online form towards the bottom of this website. We’ll always be glad to hear from you and to clarify anything that you want to talk about.” Tim Waters

EasyWeb – Director, Easy Web Computing Ltd

Overview Video

Our video below will tell you what a modern day website should have.

Why Choose EasyWeb

We at Easy Web Computing Ltd make excellent websites. In fact we’ve been creating them for years and years and over time we’ve fine tuned our business to ensure that your business works online like a well oiled machine. Our technical ability empowers our customers to great things on the web.

We have a highly organised business model and a proven track record that creates a great partnership between us and our clients. Companies have stayed with us because they get good support, have built up a good relationship with us as working partners and enjoy the use of the latest technologies that are available on the web. Our websites empower our clients to meet their clients needs. We take great pleasure in your success.

At EasyWeb we have:

A Highly Organised Business Model

A Proven Track Record

Good Business Relationships

Up-to-date Technology

Excellent Websites

Empowered Customers

Years of Experience

Customer Testimonials

Find out what people say about our services.

“I have been using Easy Web Computing for nearly 8 years now. They designed and maintained my first school's website and it proved to be a catalyst for a new intake of pupils.

When I joined what is now the Wolds Federation, I quickly engaged the company to set up three new sites for the three Federated schools. Easy Web Computing design state of the art sites, are quick to make requested changes and work with us in a supportive, friendly partnership.

They are always at the end of a phone or email and can be relied upon for excellent service. I recommend Easy Web unreservedly.”

Steve Woodhouse

Executive Headteacher, Wolds Federation of Schools

Visit a page of testimonials to find out what our customers have been saying about us… More testimonials ...

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"I have used the services of Easyweb for over 6 years as headteacher of two schools. Not only does Tim make our website DFE compliant, he offers a personal, friendly, cost effective and efficient service."

Brian Stillings

Headteacher (until end Dec 2015), Beverley Minster CE Primary School

"We have used EasyWeb computing for our school website since 2008 and have always been extremely impressed with the quality of the service and the friendly approach. Tim is always on hand to advise us on how to present what we do to our parents and he has kept us up to date with the changes required of school websites and in new ways of demonstrating what we do well. Visitors and prospective parents often comment on the quality of the website and how it is a great reflection of the school - this is down to Tim's hard work and insight. I would highly recommend him to any school wanting to have a website that showcases the great things that their children do."

Rachel Wilkes

Headteacher, Clifton Primary School

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Nice to get thank you messages

It’s really nice to get thank you messages. Here’s one that came from one of our schools, Crakehall Primary, at the end of the Summer Term 2016.
Dear Tim and the gang,
Thank you once again for all your hard work in keeping our web site looking so good and up to date. The parents all comment on how quickly photos etc.. are put on the web.
Have a happy holiday.

Which way are you voting?

I don’t normally post political things onto my company Facebook account but today is an exception and the referendum decision will change everything. I don’t have time to put together an in-depth reason why I’m voting Brexit so the following will have to do for now.

  • 1) Political Points –
    • a. Imbalance of Power
      • i. The commissioners initiate law change or the introduction of news laws and the MEPs simply ratify those new laws
        • 01. This means that the people initiating change (those movers and shakers in the EU political scene) are put into place without consulting us
        • 02. We cannot get rid of them
        • 03. We do not see a manifesto seeing what they want to do in the future
        • 04. With the MEPs only ratifying the laws that come to them from the commissioners we see that this is the opposite way round to the way UK politics works
          • a. The house of commons brings in new laws (voted in people and the new law should be based on manifesto)
          • b. The house of Lords (not voted in) gives the final ‘yes’ to the new laws
        • 05. We cannot get rid of EU commissioners (let alone really know who they are and what they stand for)
          • a. In the UK politics we have a fantastic ability to completely change the people who rule over us
          • b. The most classic example of this is Winston Churchill
            • i. Despite his huge personality he was voted out of power in 1945 as people wanted change
            • ii. We voted him back into power in 1951
            • iii. We have the ability to hire and fire no matter who the person is and what their personal connections are
          • c. We cannot hire and fire at the highest level of the EU
      • ii. Our influence in the EU is very limited despite the fact that we are the second highest contributor to it.
        • 01. David Cameron proved, right in front of our eyes, that it is not possible to effect change to the direction of the EU
          • a. He spent days negotiating for change before this referendum
          • b. He didn’t get the deal he wanted
          • c. It is impossible for him to get the deal that he wanted
        • 02. Whitehall officials worry that Britain’s influence in Brussels is falling
          • a. Fewer British civil servants are taking up posts with the Commission or other EU bodies
          • b. In 2013 UK supplied just 4.6% of Commission staff, despite Britons making up 12.5% of the EU’s population
          • c. France has 13% of EU population and 10% of all commission posts
    • b. Outvoted
        • i. Many EU decisions are taken under majority voting rules
        • ii. This means that countries can be outvoted by groups of others and forced to accept decisions that they disagree on
        • iii. Britain is outvoted MORE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY
          • 01. Between 2009 and 2015 Britain was on the losing side of 12% of QMV decisions
          • 02. France, by contrast, was on the losing side of less than 1%
    • c. We are NOT influential
      • i. The data just shared show us that we are not a strong influence in the EU
      • ii. Many ‘Stay’ politicians say that we must be in the EU to enforce change – but the fact remains that we are very wimpy when it comes to change
      • iii. There are so many players now who can vote that the EU is now a place where personalities and personal persuasiveness will bring about change rather than national interest
      • iv. It’s a little like the Eurovision song contest –
        • 01. it doesn’t’ matter how good your song is (or isn’t) if you’re not singing a tune that the people want to hear according to their personal tastes then you’ll never win
        • 02. Voting in the contest has been very much countries scratching each other’s backs
        • 03. There are too many contestants now for us to be influential
        • 04. We are one small vote amongst a larger group who are looking for a tune we can’t provide
        • 05. Why am I saying this? Because we politically sing a different tune to the EU and we cannot change its direction
    • d. Staying in, therefore, does not make us powerful but keeps us weak whilst we still pay the lion’s share with Germany towards the costs
    • e. Greece’s problems are proof to us that, even when a nation takes to its streets and passes referendums against decisions made by the few in the EU, these have no effect on EU policy.
    • f. The EU wants to replace the UK on NATO
    • g. In the long term laws will be created to redirect the flow of cash from London to Brussels and London is our main financial power base for the nation – we’ll see how politically strong or weak we are when that happens in the years to come…!
    • h. Freedom of Movement
      • i. More than 10% of Latvians now live abroad!
      • ii. Among those 10% represent nearly 30% of its young people due to freedom of movement and the culture is decimated.
      • iii. Europe’s ‘dream’ is their nightmare with communities losing workers to make their home economy strong
  • 2) Economic Points
    • a. The EU hasn’t balanced its books for over 20 years, if it was a business it would have been shut down long ago
    • b. The EU provides a false sense of security to its members and they are not facing up to their problems
      • i. Our country hasn’t yet closed the deficit gap so we’re still increasing in debt every year.
      • ii. If we recover from our financial problems then we’ll have achieved something that has never been done before in financial history
      • iii. Europe’s debt is worse than ours
        • 01. Greece is suffering its worst financial crisis in history and cannot recover
        • 02. Spain’s debt is now 105% of GDP and effectively is, on paper, bankrupt
        • 03. Italy will need bailing out at some point in the future
    • c. We still have, after all of these years, a trade deficit with Europe so we need to continue to build relationships with America, Africa, the rest of the commonwealth and the world – which we are hindered in doing at the moment by being a part of the EU
    • d. Wastage and money spent on admin
      • i. In 2011 a think tank, called Open Europe, estimated that more than 10,000 Commission staff were paid more than £70,000 a year
      • ii. 1 billion Euros are spent each year on translation costs
      • iii. Every month hundreds of MEPs, their staff and translators and other officials, 10,000 people in all, move from Brussels to Strasbourg, where it sits for just four days, one estimation of this cost is £130 million per year
    • e. Industrial support
      • i. EU single market rules discourage governments from giving financial support to private companies to ensure that there are no commercial advantages over rivals from different countries within the EU
        • 01. This means that we cannot help Tata Steel
        • 02. Germany, however, subsidises their industries by paying for the energy bills of many large companies
          • a. This is something that they ‘won’ before the rules were put into place – so the same rules don’t apply to them (and never will)
  • 3) Bad communications
    • a. We are told that leaving the EU is a leap in the dark
    • b. It is just as much a leap in the dark to stay in the EU as it is to leave
    • c. The EU is changing and will become a single European state (if we don’t leave)
    • d. We do not know what this state will look like or how we will do inside this new setup
    • e. We are powerless to stop this from happening
    • f. Norway voted ‘out’ and they were warned by their ‘pro-Europe’ politicians that it would be disastrous, job losses etc. None of it happened and they are doing wonderfully fine.
  • 4) What I want
    • a. I want people who make laws to be directly accountable to the public.
    • b. I want our press to make a difference to those people who rule over us, at the moment our politicians are accountable to us through the press but no-one in Brussels cares what our papers say – Greece is proof of that.
    • c. If things got bad and we had to march on the streets to protest I want those people who directly rule our country to think twice about what they’re doing.
    • d. I want us to be able to help our industry if things got tough in a particular area (like Tata Steel)
    • e. I want us to make good decisions for our country rather than it be run by the few who love their ‘dream’ of Europe which does not live up to the nightmare that Greece is going through right now and will happen to others in due time.
    • f. I want us, once we are strong again, to be able to help Europe put itself back together again with each country taking pride in its national people and building a strong society and culture that we can visit, trade with and enjoy.

These are just SOME of the reasons why I am voting out. There are so many more to consider, but I don’t have the time to write. Please consider all that I’ve written before voting tomorrow. It is our unique chance to set ourselves up again on the world stage – just like before we joined the common market (which we were taken into by Edward Heath who did not give us the whole truth when we chose to enter at his invitation) and to be all that we are able to be, a strong country making a huge difference in the modern world, being capable of looking after our own people and looking out for others from a place of strength (rather than waiting on the unaccountable few who influence so many behind closed doors having conversations that we are not party to). Vote ‘leave’ and we can take our place again on the world stage. We can help ourselves and help others again from a place of strength. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST if you agree.

Selby Abbey Primary School website stats

It’s great to see when a primary school website does what it is supposed to do. Tonight I’ve posted onto Selby Abbey’s site one of their latest newsletters and dinner menus for Summer Term 2016. Then, even though it is almost 10pm, we had 30 people simultaneously online looking at the new materials on the site. This is because the website pushes out its new posts into the school’s Facebook and Twitter feeds and emails out new posts to subscribing parents. This ensures that the school gets in touch with parents who are following the site via apps on their phones, tablets and PC’s/Macs. The result, parents who are well informed and happy to visit the site, even at 10pm at night! Here are the stats below:

website traffic selby abbey

Visit the Selby Abbey website and see what a great school website it is. Click here to view.

Ofsted Comments about our websites

Here’s another Ofsted comment to add to the list. Below is a copy of an email sent to me from a head teacher. Her school had just been through an Ofsted inspection.

Good morning Tim,

Just  wanted to let you know that we had our OFSTED inspection last week which went well and that the inspector was very complimentary about the website. She found it easy to use and find her way around and it gave her all the information that she needed- thought you might like to know!

Best regards,

Terri Coates,
Preston Primary School

To our primary school clients…

For any school that is on Bronze Level Support. Do you have money left at the end of the financial year and don’t quite know what to do with it? Well your website renewal bill will be coming over to you in April. Why not see if you can pay if off early with any money left in the pot or, if you have more money, you could choose to pay for 2 years worth of hosting (10% off) or 5 years worth of hosting (20% off) and save yourselves some money in the long run. Then all you will need to do is to pay your support costs each year having saved a good amount of money on hosting.

New “Ready to Wear” style website.

Just created our first “Ready to Wear” website style for CAPSA Accountants. The site works on a long scroll with menu bar links that jump the viewer down the page.


At the bottom of the page is a high contrast site map with links to phone, fax and email along with more links taking you back up the page. The client wanted a very simple website and I think that we’ve come through with just that.

If the client had wanted they could have had a few pages added to the site, like “About Us” or “Contact Details” for example, but preferred to have a single page. The client also did not want to have social media “follow” options added to the site or a blog/news feed. These options are available for the price of the site.

The cost of this type of website is just £800.

Website blog traffic

This is what we like to see on the school websites that we create and support. Really good blog statistics. See below for Bilton Primary School. It’s the middle of the day and they still have 20 people online looking at the website.

blog traffic


St Vincent’s Primary School’s Video

St Vincent’s Primary School have also added a video to the front page of their site today. It was initially created in PowerPoint and they sent it over to us. From that we created the video. This means that it is quite easy for school’s to add video to their websites as all they need are PowerPoint skills, which most members of staff have.


Click on the link below to visit the website from where you can watch their video.

St Vincents Video

McMillan Nursery School Video

McMillan Nursery School have added a video to the front page of their website. It sits next to their welcome message and gives an excellent overview of their services, facilities and staff. Jam packed with personal recommendations it’s just the ticket to show case who they are and what they do. Click on the image below to visit their website and play the video.

McMillan Nursery School

Q.What happens if we’re on zero support and we wanted our site tweaking a little? Can we still ask you to change some pages for us etc?

Yes you can ask us to change pages but because you’re on zero support we would have to make a charge of £25 per hour to do this for
you. Zero support is meant to be exactly that. You choose the zero support option in order to save yourselves money when you expect
nothing to need essentially changing on your site. Having said that, there is £160 difference between zero and bronze level support
so there are plenty of hours work that we can do on your site, if you suddenly found something needed doing, and you’d still make a
saving compared to being on bronze support.

More progress on the new website

New EasyWeb website made more progress today. Now got the site linked to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google+. All posts will now appear in these Web2 info feeds. Also got the menus mainly sorted, the website features page and much of the front page. Perhaps 10-15 hours more work (maybe 20-25) and the site could be finished!

25+24=1 Concept

Been putting together the building blocks for a service where we can have a fully functional and populated website within 24 hours of the request coming in. This is specifically for Primary Schools as they have to fulfil a very specific Ofsted criteria. However, we may be able to extend this towards other business customers.

Airmyn Park Primary School

Airmyn Park Primary School are steaming ahead with their pupil blog.

They have an excellent number of categories for their site.
Breakfast and After School Club
Cropton Forest Class
Dalby Forest Class
KS2 Reading Challenge
Oakhill Wood Class
Sherwood Forest Class
Woodland and Pond Diary

You can find the blog by going to the front page of their website and clicking on the pupil blog link as shown on the image below.

airmyn pupil blog

Beverley Minster Embedded Video

Beverley Minster Primary School is just beginning to use the ‘unlisted’ YouTube video cloud facility. ‘Unlisted’ means that the video cannot be found on YouTube itself. The video sits in the cloud and can only be watched when its code is pasted into the website post. This means that you can share the video on your website page.

Have a good look at the video that Beverley Minster have made of their children singing in Beverley Market square. It can be accessed through the Special Events link on the front page. Click on the image below to visit the site.

BevMinster Embedded Video 2015

Q. How do you normally go about collecting the information for the website?

A. We normally send over to you either a single document for you to fill in where there are headed paragraphs that will guide your thinking so that you can easily write about who you are and what you do or we send over to you a set of emails, each of which has a topic title, and as you answer the question on each email we tick off the list of things to do.

Q. Does website setup take a long time?

A. That normally depends on you. If you get the information over to us that we need, such as a description of your business, staff list, vision statement, product information, contact details, etc. then we can normally have the site up and running with a few weeks.

Haute Couture Style Discount

We’re offering a 10% discount on all Haute Couture Style websites until the end of March 2016.

Haute Couture Style

That’s a saving of £260.

Q. How can I send multimedia materials over to EasyWeb?

A. There are several different ways in which you can pass across information to us. One of the most popular ways in to setup a shared folder in a Dropbox account and to put your photos/video into that folder and Dropbox will naturally copy the files over to us. All you need to do after that is to email us to tell us that the files are there waiting for us to pick them up for you. There are also other tools that you can use to send files over to us such as and Google Drive.

Q. Do you spell check any information we send over to you?

A. We do expect you to have fully checked any information for the website that we receive from you. We do, however, often cast an eye over any text you send over and we also have spell checking software that can pick up common spelling mistakes if your text is in the right format.

Q. Can I make my support level go up rather than down?

A. Yes. If you find that you need more help than the support level you’re on currently allows we will increase your support level for you. Obviously this will mean an increase in your monthly payments so we would send you a new bill to cover the extra cost until the following April when the annual charges begin again.

Q. Why can’t I stay on a higher level support forever?

We want all of our clients to be able to use the websites to the best of their abilities. It only takes a little time for you to get the hang of our websites and you can’t break them. Our company policy is that you should work in partnership with us to ensure your website is up-to-date and serving you well. That’s why we want everyone to be on a lower level of support. It will benefit you in the long run.

Q. What would an upgrade cost?

A. An upgrade would the cost the difference between the creation of your original site and the price of the new upgraded style.

Q. Can I easily upgrade my website?

A. Yes. When we create your website we also copy over all of the coding that will allow us to take your site and change it into the upgraded version.

Q, Do you ever have sales or special offers?

A. Yes we will have sales and special offers on website setup costs but not normally on support costs – EasyWeb staff wages normally come from support bills so they tend to remain the same from year to year.

Q. Who owns the websites you create?

A. Easy Web Computing Ltd owns all of the websites that they create. This is to stop someone from getting a site from us then moving it to one of their own servers and then taking the website apart to find out how we created it. We do not want all of our hard work to be stolen by someone else. However, having said that we own the site, as long as you keep to the terms and conditions of having a site with us you can be assured that you will have a website as long a you want.

Q. Who do you create websites for?

A. We create websites for business, mainly SMEs (that is small to medium sized enterprises) and these businesses must have a genuine product or service to offer that is viewable by all ages in society without being offensive.

Special Offers

Our Tailored Design Style Discount

For the rest of this Summer Term 2016 we are offering a discount for all new schools who want our Tailored design. The normal setup price for this is £1800 but we’re offering a £400 discount. On top of that we’re offering a half price school visit where we take photos for either a half or full day, bringing the price down to either £75 for a morning or £150 for both morning and afternoon. Our Hosting and Support costs remain the same at £30 per month. See an example of our Tailored design by visiting Selby Abbey Primary School’s website.

selby abbey 2016

Special Offers

All of our special offers will be listed in this part of the website.

Haute Couture Style Discount

We’re offering a 10% discount on all Haute Couture Style websites until the end of March 2016.

Haute Couture Style

That’s a saving of £260.

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